Search for a Licensee

Search for a Licensee


With the Board’s transition to the State of Ohio’s a new online elicensing system, license numbers now have six digits (rather than five) after the credential prefix.  For example, a dentist who had license number 30.12345 will now have license number 30.012345.  If you are searching for a licensee through the “verify a license search” on the elicensing website, you will need to enter all six digits that appear after the credential prefix.  You can continue to search by first and last name.  If you have any problems with the search, please call the Board office at 614-466-2580.

File a Complaint

Dental Societies


Akron 330-376-3551
Canton- Stark 330-305-6637
Cincinnati 513-984-3443
Cleveland 440-717-1891
Columbus 614-895-2371
Dayton 937-294-2808
Toledo 419-474-8611

Dental Associations


AADB (American Association of Dental Boards)
ADA (American Dental Association) 614-486-2700
ODA (Ohio Dental Association) 614-486-2700
Ohio Dental Hygienists' Association
ADHA (American Dental Hygienists' Associations)  312-440-8900
 AADOM (American Association of Dental Office Managers) 614-306-1817


Other State Boards/ Departments


Ohio Department of Health

Dept. of Health- X-Ray Division 614-644-2727
Ohio Department of Insurance 614-644-2658
State of Ohio Medical Board 614-466-3934
State of Ohio Nursing  614-466-3947
State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy 614-466-4143
Ohio State Board of Optometry 614-466-5115

Government Entities


Attorney General's Office 800-282-0515
Better Business Bureau-Central Ohio 614-486-6336
Better Business Bureau-Cleveland 216-241-7678
Better Business Bureau-Cincinnati 513-421-3015
Better Business Bureau-Toledo 419-531-3116
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 800-232-4636
HIPPA (Dept of HHS) 877-696-6775
Medicaid Hotline 800-324-8680  N/A
OSHA (Health & Safety) 614-469-5582

Initial Education School Search

How to:

Click on education/careers tab, click on Dental Schools and Programs and then search for your desired career path. 

Testing Centers


National Board Testing 312-440-2678
NERB 301-563-3300
DANB (Dental Assisting   National Board) 800-367-3262
CODA (Certified Ohio Dental Assistants)
Carol Healy
330-668-9985 or
EFDA--Vicki Baldini
PO Box 4510, Dublin, OH 43016
614-219-1559 or
Dental Loan Repayment Program 614-466-4180
Tri County Dental Hygienist Association 5 Year Refresher Course for Hygienist

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