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    (Under the NEW "NEWSBITES" section of our website, the Ohio State Dental Board (Board) will post articles and information for both licensees and the public. The links below highlight the topic areas, and provide the link to the detailed information. Since the Board no longer publishes a newsletter, this NEWSBITES section is intended to have information that is current and helpful regarding the work of the Board and its activities. We hope you find this section informative and beneficial.)

    02/2011 Dental Hygienists Performing Periodontal Maintenance When the Supervising Dentist is Not Present

    03/2011 Nitrous CE Requirements

    08/2011 The ADA is offering a course that would fulfill Ohio's CE requirement for those renewing their conscious sedation permits. It is a 2 part course.

    Links - Part I Part 2

    09/2011 Policy to clarify non-clinical dental related continuing education

    New Policy

    09/2011 Past Board President Honored at ODA Annual Session

    09/2011 Past Board President Named COO at MetroHealth Medical Center

    09/2011 The Ohio State Dental Board Remembers Ohio's Dental Forensic Team as We Look Back to 9-11-01

    04/2012 Zoom Whitening:

    The Board was asked whether a dental assistant can place rubber dam material with the Zoom whitening. The Board determined any in-office bleaching material can only be applied by a licensed dentist or dental hygienist under the dentist’s supervision. However, anyone from Basic Qualified Personnel on up can monitor, adjust the light, and place the liquid curable rubber dam material (See Ohio Administrative Code Sections 4715-11-12 (14), (16) and (28).

    04/2012 Dental Hygienists: orthodontic cement; bonding materials::

    The Board was asked whether a dental hygienist can remove bracket material with a hand piece. The Board determined that a dental hygienist may remove cement via any method as long as the anatomy of the tooth is not altered (See Ohio Revised Code Section 4715.23). That being said, there is a high likelihood of alteration of the tooth when a high speed hand piece is utilized, therefore, this method should be evaluated carefully under these circumstances.