Dental Assistant Radiographer

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The Board has made every effort to include the information you need to apply for Dental Assistant Radiographer on this website. If you have questions or concerns about the licensure process email

Please provide the necessary information/documentation required for processing your application.

You will be notified via email if any information/documentation is missing or not accepted. 

Please allow up to 20 calendar days to process a complete application.

Attention Dental Assistants 

The Ohio State Dental Board does not license/certify/register Dental Assistants.  Below is a list of entities that do:     
Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) at 800-367-3262 or website: OR
Commission on Ohio Dental Assistants Certification (CODA) at 330-668-9985 or website:
American Medical Technologists (AMT) Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) 847-823-5169, or website: 

Initial Certification Application

License Qualifications - ORC 4715.53 One clarification - All radiographers expire on December 31st of the even year regardless of first issuance date. 

Application for Certificate; Requirements; Exceptions - OAC 4715-12-02  One clarification - All applications are online through the eLicense portal. 

Before You Start: Make sure you have the following items, or the application will not allow you to advance. All applications must be complete before submission.

A Dental Assistant Radiographer applicant must provide proof of one of the following to apply:


Dental X-Ray Machine Operator (Dental Radiographer)
4715.53 License qualifications
Rule 4715-12-02 Application for certificate; requirements; exceptions


Current certification as a Dental Assistant through the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB), or the Ohio Commission on Dental Assistant Certification (CODA), or Due to recent legislative changes the Board now accepts the American Medical Technologists (AMT) Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) Examination. 4715.53

Application Upload:

Copy of DANB, CODA, or RDA certification with current expiration date.



Current license, certificate, permit, registration, or other credential issued by another State *that the Board determines uses standards for dental x-ray machine operators that are at least equal to the Ohio State Dental Board.

Application Upload:

Copy of out-of-state dental radiographer license with current expiration date AND

Copy of dental radiography education certificate of completion and/or transcripts.

*Ohio State Dental Board education standards for dental x-ray machine operators:
Curriculum of at least seven (7)-hours;
Includes the following subjects: Radiation physics; Radiation biology; Radiation health, safety and protection; X-ray films and radiographic film quality; Radiographic techniques, processing and storage; and
Clinical experience making a variety of radiographs and radiographic surveys.


Complete an Ohio Dental Board-approved dental radiography training program

Application Upload:

Radiographer Education Certificate of Completion.

Ohio Dental Board-Approved Dental Radiography Training Program


Mailing / Public Address: The address should be the same for both and should be your home address. Only the city and state show up on the public look-up. 
Employment History 
Education History - Type "Other" to enter education institutions that are not found. 
Background Questions - Personal Statement (Brief explanation including date, and incident), and Court Documentation required for convictions. 

Other Required Uploads: 

Identification Photo: Must be a current, unobstructed, full face identification-type photo (color, forward-facing, head and shoulders only) – NO FILTERS

Proof of Hepatitis B Immunity:  


Hepatitis B Requirements

Rule 4715-20-01 Patient and personal protection

Immunization – All dentists and dental health care workers must show evidence of immunity to or immunization against the Hepatitis B virus


IMMUNITY – Positive/Reactive/>10 Hepatitis B Antibody Titer

Application Upload:

Hepatitis B Antibody Titer Result


IMMUNIZATION – Vaccination Record

Application Upload:

*Traditional 3-Dose Vaccine – Vaccination record indicating three (3) dates the vaccine was administered, or

2-Dose Vaccine – Vaccination record indicating two (2) dates the Heplisav-B (HepB-CpG) vaccine was administered – Vaccine name must be clearly indicated.

*Vaccination records indicating the first and second Hepatitis B vaccine was administered; and the third shot date is scheduled on a doctor’s letterhead, script pad, or appointment reminder card.


WAIVER – Hepatitis B Waiver Form

Application Upload:

Hepatitis B waiver form completed by a physician.

Hepatitis B Waiver Form

Valid Credit Card (MasterCard or Visa)

eLicense Ohio PortalApply Online
Fee: $32.00 

Renewal & Continuing Education


If this is your first renewal since becoming active, and you renew on or BEFORE 12/31/2022, CE is not required. 

All Ohio Dental Radiographers, regardless of issue date are required to renew on or BEFORE 12/31/2022.


License Qualifications – Please Review Sections (C)(1)&(2) - ORC 4715.53  One clarification – All radiographers expire on December 31st of the even year regardless of first issuance date. 

Certificate Renewal – Please Review Sections (A)&(B) - OAC 4715-12-03 One clarification – Radiographers must renew before the first day of January of each odd-numbered year.  

Continuing Education RequirementsOAC 4715-12-05

Before You Start: Make sure you have the following required document or the application will not allow you to advance. All applications must be complete before submission.

Proof of completing at least two hours of continuing education on dental x-ray machine operation/ radiation technology from an approved sponsor during the two-year period immediately preceding renewal. 

The Board only approves sponsors, not individual courses, and therefore does not maintain a database of specific approved courses.  The Board will accept any radiography courses taken through the American Dental Association Continuing Education Recognition Provider (CERP) or any Academy of General Dentistry Program Approval for Continuing Education (PACE) provider.  The ADA and The AGD have searchable databases on their websites where you may locate a radiography course under "Continuing Education".  Their websites are: and

Dental Assistant Radiographer certificates that are lapsed/expired ARE eligible for renewal at any time.  You must log into the eLicense portal, complete the renewal application, upload proof of completion of two hours of continuing education through an approved sponsor in dental x-ray machine operation/ radiation technology, and pay the renewal fee.  If you need access to the portal, please email and provide your name, certificate number and email address.  

eLicense Renewal Instructions – Once logged into the portal, click OPTIONS on your expired Radiographer Certificate and select Renew.  It doesn’t matter how long your Radiographer Certificate has been expired, you will always select Renew.  There is not a late fee. 

eLicense Ohio Portal- Renew online
Fee: $32.00


Accreditation of Education Programs; Application; Fee; Suspension; Revocation - OAC 4715-12-04 

Initial TrainingApproved Radiology Course List 

Additional Radiographer Certificate Information

Dental X-ray Machine Operator Definitions - ORC 4715.51

Unlicensed PracticeORC 4715.52

Dentist Supervision of Radiologic Procedures - ORC 4715.56

Permissible Practices of a Dental X-ray Machine Operator; Supervision required; Certificate to be displayed - OAC 4715-12-01 One clarification - We no longer issue receipt cards, only the initial wall certificate should be displayed. 

Fee Waivers Available to Service Members, Veterans, or Spouses of Service Members or Veterans - Please Review Sections (E)&(F) - OAC 4715-14-02

Hepatitis B Information

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Center for Disease Control and Prevention:  1. Hepatitis B Vaccine information and 2. Heplisav-B (HepB-CpG) Vaccine

Permissible Practices

Permissible Practices Documentation for Dental Assistants OAC 4715-12-01 

Basic Qualified Personnel

Monitoring of nitrous oxide-oxygen (N2O-Oc2) minimal sedation
 - OAC 4715-11-02.1 Complete the Permissible Practices Documentation, and keep in the office where you work.  

Dental Assistant Radiographer Certificate - Application Required - OAC 4715-12-02

Certified Dental Assistant 

Pit and fissure sealants - OAC 4715-11-03 (B)(1) Complete the Permissible Practices Documentation, and keep in the office where you work. 

Coronal Polishing Certificate – Application Required - OAC 4715-11-03.1

Practice when the dentist is not physically present  OAC 4715-11-03.2 Complete the Permissible Practices Documentation, and keep in the office where you work.  Medical Emergencies Course